FAG cylindrical roller bearing

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FAG cylindrical roller bearing:

A single row cylindrical roller bearing with a retainer is a set of assemblies comprising an integral inner and outer ring, a cylindrical roller and a retainer assembly. The outer ring has a rigid rim or no rim on either side, the inner ring has one or two rigid rim or no design rim. The cage prevents cylindrical rollers from contacting each other while rolling. Cylindrical roller bearings are very rigid, can support high radial load, and because of the cage, it is more suitable for high speed than full load design. The bearing roller group with suffix E is larger and is designed with ultra-high bearing capacity.

The bearing is detachable, making it easier to mount or dismount. The two bearing rings thus have interference fit. Single row cylindrical roller bearings with retainers can be used for non-locating, semi-locating and locating bearings. Double row precision bearings for machine tools with high precision cylindrical roller bearings. Allows radial stiffness and high precision bearing configurations, primarily for spindle radial support.
It includes the outer ring without retaining edge, the inner ring with three retaining edges, the cylindrical roller and the cage assembly of the brass cage. In order to achieve the optimum assembly of radial inner clearance, the inner ring is designed with a taper of 1:12. Cylindrical roller bearings are removable, so this design makes installation and removal easier. The two bearing rings thus have interference fit.
Full cylindrical roller bearings have integral inner and outer rings and guide cylinder rollers. With the largest number of rolling elements, these bearings have high centripetal capacity, high rigidity, and are suitable for extremely compact designs. Due to kinematic conditions, they cannot achieve the high speeds possible with cylindrical roller bearings with cages.

Full cylindrical roller bearings can be used for non-locating, semi-locating and locating bearings. They can be single-column or double-column designs.
As a special bearing, four-row cylindrical roller bearing has high bearing capacity and high limit speed in limited space. It has the characteristics of inner ring without retaining edge and simple structure, so it can manufacture higher precision level and install inner ring and outer ring components respectively. It is suitable for the work roll and supporting roll of various cold and hot rolling mills which frequently change the roll. It is the preferred bearing type for all kinds of mill rolls.

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