Basic concepts and terminology of rolling bearings

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Basic concepts of roller bearings
Roller bearings are a kind of precision mechanical part, it causes sliding friction between the operating shaft and shaft seat to roll friction, so as to reduce the friction loss of precision mechanical parts. roller bearings generally consist of an inner ring, an outer ring, a roller body and a bracket. The inner ring rotates with the shaft and rotates with the shaft. The outer ring and the bearing seat; The roller body is evenly distributed between the inner ring and the outer ring by the cage. Its shape, size and number directly affect the performance and life of the roller bearings. The frame can make the roller body evenly distributed, and guide the roller body to rotate through lubrication.
Terms related to roller bearings
1. Life
The life of a single roller bearing refers to the number of revolutions that one ring (or gasket) of the bearing rotates relative to another ring (or gasket) before the first sign of fatigue expansion appears on a bearing ring (or gasket) or the roller material.
2. Reliability
Reliability (in the category of bearing life) is the percentage of a set of nearly identical roller bearings operating under the same conditions that are expected to meet or exceed the specified life. The reliability of a single roller bearing is the probability that the bearing will reach or exceed the specified life.
3. Static load
Static load bearing ring or washer relative speed to each other is zero (centripetal or thrust bearings) or roller parts along the roller direction when there is no movement (linear bearings), acting on the load on the bearing.
4. The dynamic load
Dynamic LoadThe load applied to a bearing when the bearing rings or washers rotate relative to each other (centripetal or thrust bearings) or when the roller elements move in the roller direction (linear bearings).
5. Rated life
Rated Life The expected value of a lifetime based on a radial or axial basic dynamic load rating.
6. Basic rated life
Basic rated life refers to the rated life associated with 90% reliability for bearings that are made of high-quality materials commonly used today and have good machinable quality and are operated under normal operating conditions.
7. Radial basic rated dynamic load
Radial basic rated dynamic load refers to the constant radial load that a set of roller bearings can bear theoretically. The basic rated life of the bearing under this load is one million RPM. For a single row angular contact bearing, the load is the radial component of the load guiding the bearing rings to produce a pure radial displacement between each other.
8. Axial basic rated dynamic load
Axial basic rated dynamic load refers to the theoretical constant central axial load that a set of roller bearings can bear. Under this load, the basic rated life of the bearing is one million revolutions.
9. Radial (or axial) equivalent dynamic load
Radial (or axial) equivalent dynamic load refers to a constant radial load (or central axial load), under which the roller bearings have the same life as the actual load condition.
10. Basic radial (or axial) static load rating
Radial (or axial) basic static load The radial static load (central axial static load) corresponding to the following calculated contact stress is generated at the contact center of the maximum load roller element and raceway: 460OMPa self-aligning ball bearing (radial);4200MPa other types of centripetal ball bearings (radial) and thrust ball bearings (axial)4000MPa centripetal (radial) and thrust roller bearings (axial).
Other matters needing attention on roller bearings
1. For single-row angular contact ball bearings, the radial static load rating refers to the radial component of the load that causes the pure radial displacement between bearing rings.
2. Under static load conditions, these contact stress systems indicate that the total permanent deformation of the roller element and the raceway is about 0.0o01 times the diameter of the roller element.
3. Radial (or axial) equivalent static load refers to the radial (or central-axial) static load that produces the same contact stress as the actual load at the contact center of the maximum load roller element and the raceway.
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