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Inner ring insulated bearings and outer ring insulated bearings

wallpapers Tech 2020-10-27

Commonly used insulated bearings are divided into inner ring insulated ball bearing and outer ring insulated bearings. Insulated bearings with full ceramic coating on the inner and outer rings are relatively rare.

Inner ring insulated bearings adopt plasma spraying process to spray a uniform insulating coating on the inner ring of the bearing. Because the coating area is small, the effect of blocking high-frequency current is better. Especially suitable for occasions with high frequency current and outer ring rotation.

Inner ring insulated bearing

The outer ring insulated bearing adopts the plasma spraying process, and the insulating coating is sprayed on the outer ring of the bearing, which can still have a good insulation effect under higher frequency shaft current.

Insulated outer ring bearing

The ceramic coating of the insulated bearing of the inner ring or the outer ring can prevent the passage of current and has the insulating ability. It can avoid the electric corrosion effect of the induced current on the bearing, prevent the current from damaging the grease, rolling elements and raceways, and improve the service life of the bearing.