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Installation and treatment of roll bearings

wallpapers Tech 2020-10-27

01 Storage and storage of roll bearings

The inner and outer ring components of the bearing should be wrapped in plastic, and the packaging design of the ball bearing should meet the moisture-proof and dust-proof requirements of the bearing. In order to prevent elliptical deformation of the inner and outer rings, the roller bearings should be kept horizontally, and the bearings should be stored in the original packaging box and placed in a boring place. In a dusty, humid environment, it is not allowed to remove the bearing from the package and place it on a pallet or open shelf. All bearing installation parts should be clean and in good condition. The workbench and installation area should be kept clean. Bearing parts should not be installed near the welding area and machining equipment to prevent debris and dirt from entering the bearing.

02 Treatment of roll bearings before and after use

Take care to prevent bumps when new rolls are shipped into the factory. After inspection and approval by relevant departments, number the new rolls before use, install them in order, and install auxiliary parts such as bearing inner sleeves and sealing end caps at the head end.

General installation method: heat the inner sleeve of the bearing to 150%~200% with oil or electric heater, and install it on the roll neck while the inner sleeve is hot. In order to delay fatigue damage and prevent various malfunctions during operation, it should be checked in time and properly maintained. Form institutionalization to ensure that the bearings operate well during the service life.