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Insulated Bearing Standard

wallpapers Tech 2020-10-27

The principle of insulated bearings:

In motors and generators, there are loop currents and induced currents between the body, bogie, and axles. In the process of bearing rotation, when current flows through the bearing, it will break down the thin oil film of the rolling contact part, generate sparks, cause local melting damage to the contact surface, and cause electric corrosion. Cause bearing failure. In addition, the hardness of the rolling surface decreases, which is prone to wear, which directly affects the performance and life of the motor and even the host. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop insulated bearings that are matched with motors and generators. Insulated bearings solve the problem of electric corrosion of the ball bearing by insulating the conductive path of the bearing. At present, the common insulated bearings are: the outer surface of the bearing is sprayed with ceramic coating and the insulated bearing with ceramic rolling elements. Among them, insulated bearings with ceramic coating on the surface are more widely used.

Insulated bearings use plasma spraying process to spray high-quality coating on the outer surface of the bearing. The coating has strong adhesion to the substrate and good insulation performance. It can avoid the electric corrosion effect of the induced current on the bearing and prevent the current from affecting the grease, rolling elements, and rollers. The damage caused by the road can increase the service life of the bearing.

Coating inspection

Plasma spraying technology has the advantages of fast deposition speed, high production efficiency and wide application range. Evaluating the insulation performance, strength, and environmental adaptability of the coating, and establishing special evaluation standards and testing methods for the coating are an important part of ensuring quality.