How to switch on/off 4 bulbs individually and together

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How to switch on/off 4 bulbs individually and together

Postby Neo » Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:10 am

There is a question asked on a Facebook technical group on how to switch on and off 4 bulbs individually and together. I thought a bit about it and decided to suggest a relay based solution. Relays are very popular nowadays with household lighting especially with chandeliers which have several modes of operation. Here is my suggestion. If you have any question, please ask.

4-way.png (31.33 KiB) Viewed 6457 times

When you switch on S1, it will light up all 4 bulbs irrespective of the position of other switches. When S1 is off, other LEDs can be switch on individually. Please be sure to use 230 DC relays, or else it will become complicated to use an additional  step down unit. Please use a 1000uF, 230 VDC cap after the bridge for smoothing. May be use of diodes to cut off back EMF would make the circuit complete as well. Sorry being fast at designing this. You are free to do any improvement for this circuit yourself under one condition -> safety first.
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Re: How to switch on/off 4 bulbs individually and together

Postby SemiconductorCat » Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:41 pm

Well, I reviewed your design sir neo. Sounds no problem since LS1-3 are pure resistive loads.
And yes 240V 4 pole dual throw relays are available in pettah , and yes the brand name OMRON. But how could that item
is just only 150/- Rs while it's in here around 1800/- Rs. So I don't think it's original OMRON. But it may do the job.

Image ... 3a8f7db6eb

Four pole double throw or single throw switch would work fine for small voltages. But it's contracts would fail for 5A like
currents. So design need more information.
src: ... -on/1.html
src: ... 0-1001.htm

When using that relays I strongly advise to use relay socket. Don't know how much that cost in pettah , but it's there.
and if use switches use proper electrical clips but not use solder. Because contracts would melt. And if using a switch
it's better to read it's datasheet, because it may fail soon, it's contracts.
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