refrigerator power saving

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refrigerator power saving

Postby Chamith119 » Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:09 am

oyala  dannavada  fridje  ekata  yana  power  eka  adu  karana  kramayak ?

industrial  eke  capacitor  bank ekak  use  karanava  wage  capacitor  ekak  use  karala  apita  fridj  ekata  yana  current  eka  adu  karaganna  puluwan . ahema  produck  ekak  mama  dakka  BMICH  eke  tyenava .

Oyala  dannavanam  mata  eke  circuit  eka  danna . use  karana  capacitor  eke  walue  ekath  danna.

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Re: refrigerator power saving

Postby SemiconductorCat » Sat Dec 27, 2014 10:34 am

Is this what you talking about ?

If so this does not help. This is designed for applications beyond 10KVA. You could never cover your ROI in 10 years if you
only using a fridge. But if you own a large factory or a shop, you sure cover your ROI within 6-months in the right capacitor
configuration. Note that this device could be extended by adding more capacitors.

NOTE: and the above picture , that cabinet is three phase. but you could have single phase one too.
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