pcDuino in Sri Lanka through agent Aptinex

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pcDuino in Sri Lanka through agent Aptinex

Postby SevenZero » Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:06 am

We are happy to announce that  has acquired the authorised agency of pcDuino in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This is really a fantastic board for embedded programmers. Having the ability to run Android, Ubuntu, etc... on this small board is really amazing. You can buy these products from LankaTronics as well through http://www.lankatronics.com/pcduino.html

See following valuable information,
Nice startup guide from SparkFun,

Dot Matrix Kit w/7219 IC with PCduino

First pcDuino led blinking with Fedora

pcduino with Android

Linker LED bar module on pcDuino

Touch sensor module

pcDuino I2C parallel port

pcDuino with serial debug cable

pcduino hand on review

Tutorial Blink PcDuino

pcDuino Android Demo

Unboxing PcDuino
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