Upgrade firmware on Aptinex PICKIT2 (not recommended)

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Upgrade firmware on Aptinex PICKIT2 (not recommended)

Postby SevenZero » Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:36 pm

This is not recommend if your PICKIT2 is working fine or you are not sure what you are doing. This might make your PICKIT2 completely not working, so please make sure you are ready to accept that :)

You will need following software/firmware which can be found at the .

Procedure to update the firmware on Aptinex PICKIT2

1. Close MPLAB and all other Microchip programs.  Make sure VmWare or any other virtual PC applications are stopped and closed. Close any large or resource hungry applications.

2. UNINSTALL any Unknown USB Devices (or any USB device with a red X or yellow/black !)* in the Windows Device Manager.

3. Unplug as many USB devices as possible EXCEPT for your keyboard and mouse. You MUST unplug all Microchip programmers or devices using a Microchip bootloader

4. Make sure you have UNPLUGGED the PICkit 2 completely.  Leave the lead connected to a known good USB port, Initially make sure it is not through a hub.  Caution: front panel USB ports that share a bay with a camera card reader or if there are more than two of them, usually have a hub internal to the PC.

5. Start the current version of the  PICkit 2 Programmer software:
      - You should get a PINK 'PICkit 2 not found' . . . warning

6. Plug the PICkit 2 into the USB lead ONLY.  DO NOT hold  the  button down
   - You should get a Hardware Attachment sound from Windows.
   - You MAY get Message baloons telling you Windows is adding new hardware.  If so wait for the 'Your new hardware is ready to use one' - This will only happen if you are using a different port'
   - The PICkit 2 green power LED  should be ON and the target and busy LEDs OFF.

7. In the PICkit 2 Programmer software do 'Tools' => 'Check Communication'.
   - You should get a normal PICkit 2 connected message on a white background.

8. In the PICkit 2 Programmer software do 'Tools' => 'Download PICkit 2 Operating System'.
      - You should get a file dialog offering you a .hex file. Mine has 'PK2V023200.hex'. Yours should be the same or newer (higher number).

9. Make SURE that the power is not going to be interrupted or the cable disconnected then select that firmware file and click Open.
      - You should get a BLUE downloading message,
      - followed by a GREEN verifying message,
      - followed by a normal PICkit 2 connected message on a white background.
      - The whole sequence should take about 20 seconds.  

10. Close the application, and disconnect the PICkit 2.  Wait 10 seconds and reconnect it.

11. Reopen the application and check it is working normally.

12. Select the correct device family for your target.

13. Connect your target board following the normal procedure.

14. Do 'Check Communications'
       - Your target device should be identified if it is not a baseline part.

That's it!

If you see "PK2Error0022:  PICkit 2 not found", you can follow the steps in
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