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How to polish stainless steel small plate?


After the decomposition of the finished stainless steel plate, many small stainless steel plates of different sizes will be obtained. These small stainless steel plates are used in large quantities in the production of stainless steel workpieces. Because each manufacturer or polishing "workshop" situation is different, they will use different methods to carry out polishing.


(1) "cloth round sticky sand" polishing


"Cloth wheel sticky sand" polishing is the polishing of cloth wheel bonded abrasive material. In the past, it was a common method of polishing stainless steel. The polishing paste is applied to the rotating cloth wheel of a motor-driven single or double head polisher (a variation of the grinder), and the stainless steel workpiece is polished by the operator holding the workpiece in his hand. High labour intensity, poor working environment, workshop workers are highly polluted, often need to wear masks to operate.


Stainless steel polishing is mainly made of chrome oxide and adhesive hard sharp, strong removal capacity of green wax. Green wax is a kind of polishing wax. Polishing wax (paste) is a solid form of polishing materials, mainly composed of abrasive, organic paste and additives, of which the type of abrasive, crystal type, particle size and organic paste type, ratio and so on are important factors affecting the quality of polishing.


(2) sandpaper polishing


Put the stainless steel workpiece on a table or other platform, replace the coarse and fine sandpaper, using manpower, polishing. This polishing method is closely related to the skill of the operator. The operator is skilled and can throw well. However, due to the low polishing speed, it is impossible to achieve the same level of surface roughness as the machine operation.


(3) Angle grinder polishing


The operator holds the Angle mill and installs PVA small grinding pieces (Angle grinding pieces) of No. 120 or/and No. 220 on the Angle mill to polish the workpiece. Before polishing, it is sometimes necessary to install ordinary resin Angle grinding pieces for rough grinding. After PVA small grinding pieces are polished, they are sometimes repolished with felt wheels to achieve a brighter surface.


(4) pneumatic grinding machine polishing


The grinding and polishing wheel is installed on the pneumatic grinder in the production workshop to polish the stainless steel plate with an area of less than 1 square meter. (Note: the limited line speed of the grinding and polishing wheel should match the pneumatic grinder, otherwise there will be safety accidents.)


(5) grinding machine polishing


The PVA wheel is installed on a surface grinder, and appropriate workpiece speed, radial feed and grinding wheel speed are selected to polish the stainless steel workpiece, and the surface quality with high gloss can be obtained.


(6) Floating grinding head polishing


In a self-made floating grinding head, self-made expensive material cloth wheel, to the area of 1 square metre or so of stainless steel plate polishing. You get a foggy mirror effect.

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