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Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the HxGN additive manufacturing software suite to promote operational excellence in service organizations using 3D printing.

(Powder bed fusion printer)

The company has recognized that users of additive manufacturing are hampered by a complex set of tools that are not cross-compatible while also noting that many software products on the market are better suited to address prototyping applications than manufacturing products. As a result, Hexagon has launched its additive manufacturing suite, which consists of its DESIGNER CAD solution, AM STUDIO build preparation software, Simufact additive process simulation tool and ESPRIT EDGE CAM software.

“The focus of [the additive manufacturing suite] is to bundle solutions together to come up with solutions that target specific market segments,” Mathieu Perennou, director of global strategy and business development at Hexagon, told TCT. “AM Suite is meeting the needs of process developers, basically the parts suppliers, the companies that make the parts, and more specifically, that’s focused on metal powder bed fusion.”

Hexagon is targeting metal powder bed fusion users with additive manufacturing kits for two reasons. The first is that AM STUDIO is designed to support the metal powder bed fusion process, and the second is that Hexagon considers it the most mature set of metal 3D printing technologies. The company hopes to expand the scope of its additive manufacturing suite to more 3D printing processes by bundling more products and adapting existing elements. Still, metal powder bed fusion is the focus as products enter the market. A powder bed fusion printer is a technology that operates high-energy lasers or electron beams to melt powder materials and solidify them layer by layer. This technology can create complex structures in materials such as metals, plastics and ceramics and is widely used in aerospace, medical and manufacturing fields.

Application areas of Powder bed fusion printer

Aerospace: manufacturing high-performance aero-engine parts, aircraft structural parts, etc.

(Powder bed fusion printer)

Automobile manufacturing: Automobile parts are produced, such as engine parts, transmission system components, etc.

(Powder bed fusion printer)

Medical field: Manufacturing medical devices, such as customized implants, surgical tools, etc.

(Powder bed fusion printer)

Energy sector: manufacturing wind turbine blades, nuclear energy equipment, etc.

Mould Manufacturing: Used for rapid prototyping and mould manufacturing to improve production efficiency.

Jewellery Design: Making jewellery pieces and models.

(Powder bed fusion printer)


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