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Spherical silica powder has good surface fluidity due to its spherical particles. It can be mixed with epoxy resin to form a uniform film. It can reduce the amount of resin added and increase the filling amount of silica powder. This can reduce the thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity gap between the packaging material and single crystal silicon. Shrinking is conducive to further reducing the thermal stress of electronic devices and improving their strength and life.

In addition, because the friction coefficient of spherical silica powder is smaller than that of angular silica powder, the friction and wear of the processing mold is reduced, and the service life of the processing mold can be nearly doubled. Therefore, packaging fillers for integrated circuits (ICs) and large-scale integrated circuits require silica powder to be spherical, ultra-fine and of high purity.

Preparation method of spherical silica powder

At present, the preparation methods of spherical silica powder mainly include physical methods, chemical methods and physical and chemical methods. Among them, physical preparation methods mainly include flame spheroidization method, high-temperature melt injection method, self-propagating low-temperature combustion method, plasma method, high-temperature calcination spheroidization, etc.; chemical preparation methods mainly include gas phase method, hydrothermal synthesis method, self-propagating low-temperature combustion method method, sol-gel method, precipitation method and microemulsion method, etc. At present, the industry is mainly prepared by physical methods.

(Preparation method of spherical silica powder)

The process flow of the flame pelletizing method is as follows: firstly, the high-purity quartz sand is crushed, screened and purified, and then the quartz powder is sent into the high-temperature field generated by gas-oxygen for high-temperature melting and cooling into balls, and finally Form high purity spherical silica powder. The key to this technology is that the heating device requires a stable temperature field, easy adjustment of the temperature range, and no secondary pollution to the quartz powder. The main production equipment includes powder quantitative conveying system, gas volume control and mixing device, gas fuel high-temperature flame spray gun, cooling recovery device, etc. This method has a simple production process, is conducive to large-scale industrial production, and has good development prospects.

The basic principle of plasma technology is to use the high-temperature zone of plasma moment to melt silica powder, form spherical droplets due to the surface tension of the liquid, and then form spherical particles during the rapid cooling process. The high-frequency plasma melting method is used to prepare spherical quartz powder. It has a moderate temperature range, stable control, and high output, and it can achieve a high spheroidization rate, so it is a more suitable production method. Its principle and process are similar to the flame melting method, which mainly turns the high-temperature heat source into a plasma generator.

Analysis of engineering application prospects of spherical silica powder

1) Market prospect analysis

General silica powder has an irregular angular structure. Although its cost is low, it has poor fluidity and is easy to damage the mold during processing. Therefore, angular silica powder is difficult to be widely used in large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits. With the rapid development of modern microelectronics technology in the direction of high integration, high density and miniaturization, the market demand for spherical silicon powder in epoxy plastic encapsulation materials for large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits is increasing, and the requirements are also increasing. high. The amount of silica powder used in epoxy plastic encapsulation materials for integrated circuit packaging generally accounts for 70 to 90 wt%. When the integration degree is 1 to 4M, it is required to add some spherical silica powder; when the integration degree is 8 to 16M, it is required to add All use spherical silica powder.

Because foreign manufacturers such as Japan and the United States have monopolized and blocked the special production equipment and technology of spherical silica powder, my country’s high-end spherical silica powder has long been dependent on imports, and the research and development of related domestic production equipment and technology has been slow. With the rapid development of the domestic microelectronics industry, the market’s requirements for spherical silica powder for epoxy molding are increasing day by day, and the market application prospects of spherical silica powder are good.

2) Economic and social benefit analysis

With the development of my country’s semiconductor integrated circuit and electronic and electrical device industries, the demand for high-grade spherical silica powder in the market is growing exponentially every year. In the face of huge market demand, breaking through the production technology of high-grade spherical silica powder and breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign products are of great significance to the development of my country’s semiconductor integrated circuits and electronic and electrical device industries. At the same time, the large-scale localization of spherical silica powder products will be a key basic material project to cooperate with the country in realizing the localization of electronic chips. It is also a strategic move to promote the cross-border technology integration of my country’s electronic information industry and seize the commanding heights of advanced electronic material technology.

As a functional industrial material, spherical silica powder has broad market application prospects and huge room for industry development. According to incomplete statistics, the global average annual demand for various types of spherical silica powder is conservatively estimated at more than 500,000 tons, with a total market value of about 40 billion yuan. At the same time, the market still maintains an annual growth rate of about 20%.


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